Adding a feature will give your place the opportunity to be viewed by a significantly increased amount of visitors by either being listed in the “Featured Places” section on the home page of or by being listed as a feature on all place category pages.

For “Featured Places” listed on the home page, your place will be added to a pool of all featured places. Upon each site visit, on the home page of, visitors will be presented with three featured places, selected randomly from the total pool.

Features can be added three ways:


Add a feature when adding a place

To add a place, begin by clicking here or by clicking the “Add Place” link at the top of the page. When presented with the “Select Package” section, two selections (highlighted below) will be available. The first selection will feature your place on the home page of; the second selection will feature your place on the category pages. (Both selections explained above.)


Renew a feature that has expired

To renew a feature that has expired please begin by signing in to view your dashboard. On the dashboard page click “My Submissions”. Scroll down and click “renew” on the place description (highlighted below). This will then revisit the “Add Place” process to renew the listing. During this process, features can be added or renewed.


Add a feature to an existing place

As it turns out, this is a bit more tricky. Please contact us directly to add a feature to an existing place. (Alternatively, you can delete your existing place then re-add it. You can then select to add a feature when re-adding your place.)